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Finding a trustworthy company for machinery repair is difficult, but it shouldn’t be. Gingrich Enterprises has been doing this a long time, and we hope to earn your trust with our longstanding devotion to quality work and service.


Who Needs Machinery Repair?

Over time, parts become worn and damaged - it happens. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to repair an aged part than it is to replace it, but we also understand that sometimes you just want to keep that part that’s been so loyal to you for so long.

Customers trust us to handle important repairs to their mills, lathes, iron workers, and other important machinery. We are continually humbled by the trust placed in us by the people of central Illinois, and it is that trust that drives us to keep doing what we do.

We recognize that machinery repair often keeps factories running. Put simply, our goal is to do our job effectively so that others can continue doing theirs. We know that low-quality repairs can spell out disaster for a company, and so we refuse to cut corners, even if it means taking a little more time for that added security. Depending on the severity of the issue, we may make a repair on site, or we can transfer the equipment over.


The machinery repair process

Our first step in machinery repair is to isolate the problem. We’ll take a look at the failed part and identify our next step accordingly. This is where our experience comes in handy - because we’ve seen a lot of different part failures over the years, we know what can and cannot be repaired. Removal of the old equipment, combined with installation of the new or repaired equipment, is often delicate and can be complex. New or repaired equipment must first be carefully tested and inspected.

Having read this, we hope you feel more comfortable and assured that Gingrich Enterprises is the company you’re looking for to handle your machinery repair. Visit our contact us page and let’s get started.

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