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If you’re looking for more information on seed tenders in central Illinois specifically, you’re also in the right place. Gingrich Enterprises has years of experience, which means we know the area, and we know what you’ll need to get the job done. We know that there’s a lot to know about seed tenders, so we’ve put together a guide to help you through the buying process.


Seed Tender with Honda EngineWhat Are Seed Tenders?

Seed tenders are a useful apparatus to reduce planting time, effort and labor. They help move bulk amounts of seed, which is especially useful for those with large amounts of land to seed and maintain. Predictably, then, seed tenders have to be quite large themselves for the sake of capacity and longevity.


What Do Seed Tenders Do?

Seed tenders feed a large amount of seeds into a planter, which allows the user to spend less time preparing and, in effect, less time planting.


Types of Seed Tenders

The two most common types of seed tenders are box seed tenders and bulk seed tenders. Each has their different applications and benefits, which we’ve listed below.

Box Seed Tenders: These are divided into two types - two-box or four-box capacity. These refer to the tender’s available space for seed containers. A four-box tender will have greater length, width, storing height, and deck height than its two-box peer. Generally, box seed tenders are the lightest duty of the three and can easily be pulled behind a pickup truck.

Bulk Seed Tenders: These are the heavier duty tenders, with larger capacity than box seed tenders. They still maintain versatility, but their axles are designed with higher capacity and tensile strength.


Where To Buy A Seed Tender?

From none other than Gingrich Enterprises, of course! We have several varieties of seed tenders for sale, and we can’t wait to speak with you to determine exactly what you’ll need for your next undertaking.

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